Justin Courter


a novel
(forthcoming in 2024)

Cadenza is the story of a woman’s drive to succeed and overcome the physical and emotional scars of a tragic accident. 

The Heart of It All

a novel

 “A moving, amusing novel offering a mix of wry observation and touching moments of intergenerational connection.” 

—    Kirkus Reviews

Skunk: A Love Story

a novel

“An obsession for skunk musk sends a young man on a picaresque journey in Courter's darkly comedic first novel… illuminating the many varieties of obsession and its strangest consequences.” 

—    Publishers Weekly

Prose Poems and Humor 

The Death of the Poem: and Other Paragraphs

“A consumer devours himself, a junk-food addict eats from garbage cans, a titmouse lives in a woman’s bra: there is a demented literal-mindedness to these funny, fast-paced prose poems that turns the world inside out and reveals every smidgen of its goofy, delicious splendor.” 


— David Kirby 


Links to humor pieces published in McSweeney's, Points In Case, Slackjaw, and elsewhere. Parenting, politics and other topics explored in such articles as:

  • "What You Should Know About Screaming Penis Disorder,"


  • "Donald Trump Shot Me In The Middle of Fifth Avenue And Now I Admire Him More Than Ever,"

  • "We Decided Against Potty Training," and more.