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Approximately Parental 

The Parent Translator (Little Old Lady)

We Decided Against Potty Training (Slackjaw)

Building on the Success of Our School's Pajama Day (Weekly Humorist)

One Of The Magical Things About Parenthood Is That You Make Friends With A Lot Of Assholes (Slackjaw)

Sentences Parents Think Are Normal, But Would Sound Bizarre If Used In The Homes of Couples Without Children (Little Old Lady)

Single Parent During a Pandemic or Alcoholic? (Points In Case)

Nursery Rhymes For Pandemic Times (Little Old Lady)

Somewhat Political

Donald Trump Shot Me In The Middle of Fifth Avenue And Now I Admire Him More Than Ever (Little Old Lady)

I Do Not Recall Whether or Not I am Jeff Sessions (McSweeney's)

I Am Running For President On The Counter-Cuckoo Platform (Little Old Lady

Donald Trump Includes George Floyd in His Bedtime Prayers (Robot Butt)


Jared Kushner Email: Did Anyone Find a  Pok√©mon  Backpack in the Oval Office? (Points In Case

Faceborscht New Terms of Service (Robot Butt)

We Need to Privatize the Skies (Robot Butt)

Way Too Personal

What You Should Know About Screaming Penis Disorder (McSweeney's)

Barely Credible (The American Bystander)

Customer Review: Product Blew Up Grandmother (Points In Case)

Customer Review: Bates Motel (Slackjaw)

The Replies In My Dog's Eyes (Slackjaw)

Why Your Schizophrenia Could Indicate Deeper Issues (Robot Butt)


If You Want to Make Money by Writing, Study These Three Masters (Jane Austen's Wastebasket)

Glossary of Science and Technology Terms You Were Afraid to Ask About (Points In Case)

Son, You're Going to Have to Tell Me More About This Guy You Saw Mommy Kissing Underneath the Mistletoe Last Night (Points In Case)

I Thought Laughter Was the Best Medicine. Then I Tried Fentanyl. (The Junction)